Spacebuild2_fixed ... is it actually fixed?

I say this because I have attempted to install it several times and have been un-successful. If someone could help I would appreciate it.

Here’s the web link as you can’t get it through stupid svn anymore.

svn has actually become redundant

I could actually find you a new set of svn links.

Just take what you need.
Credits to Tom Sires of n_n bush spacebuild server.

Your link doesn’t work, unknown hostname.

Its a link for a svn client such as tortoise svn.

I am aware. In fact, I used tortoise. It just doesn’t work.

If you’re going to release links to stuff I’m working on, you could at least give the right ones.

Obviously, I am not the original author of these addons, which is why I haven’t released them. These are not any official “fixed” versions, just the customized ones that my servers use. However, if anyone’s interested in running the same stuff my servers run, they only need to ask. If you just want an archive of each, you can download a zip from the “browse source” page.

Spacebuild 2:
SVN checkout – svn://
Browse source –

  • Spacebuild 2 now works with Spacebuild 3 maps.
  • Ragdolls now properly obey gravity (or lack of gravity) in space.

Life Support 2:
SVN checkout – svn://
Browse source –

  • Additional sizes and alternate models are available for most devices.
  • Various tweaks to how certain devices work.
  • Your suit will use energy over time to slowly heal you back to full health whenever you are in an ideal atmosphere.

Resource Distribution 2:
SVN checkout – svn://
Browse source –

  • The final version of RD2, from the previous SVN repo. No additional changes made.


This looks like a dump of an older version of Spacebuild 2. The version can be found in init.lua, the link you pasted seems to be version 1.0.2, where the last one that I know of from the old SVN repo (that mine are based on) is 1.1.0.

Thanks a lot.
I used to play on bush, the only online server I ever liked.

I hope it gets back. It was awesome.

Sorry, but for some reason TSVN isnt showing the inverdiual folder links, but the main one instead. I did Copy and paste so thats why.