Spacebuild3 maps and parkour gamemode

No, I am not trying to run parkour gamemode on spacebuild 3 maps. As awesome as it might be to jump between planets, just… no.

These are actually 2 separate questions. The first one - how do you load spacebuild 3 maps? I checked the spacebuild 3 gamemode folders, and there’s a map folder in it. However, none of those maps are appearing on the map list in garrysmod. Do I have to move those files to the general maps folder instead?

Second one. What on earth are the controls for parkour gamemode? I tried to search for a tutorial but there is none to be found. I can’t even roll! I am dying all over the place.

Thanks a lot~

thats the link to the gmod parkour utube tutorial hope it helps

and yes place your sb maps in your maps folder

tried that already. I still can’t roll even if I am holding down ctrl and looking down. I just die when I land…

Maybe your just jumping from too high, and if your controls have been changed from the default ctrl may not be the crouch button but anyway what parkour server you on? Coz you can always ask other people on that server.

And anyone got any sugestions for a problem i have on parkour servers, that being for me on any of the mini games the little dot that marks where other players or where the finish line is (race) doesn’t show, at all.

About the SB3 problem, you have to put the “gamemode” folder in your addons. Snake made it an addon now.