Fullbright. :effort:

sorry but i’m just not downloading this

cool, i guess, it’s good, well, flatgrass is realy being done over alot. Adding in a little shelter and pool isn’t much but i hope you’ll get to modifying the map more. Adding in a canal/river with dams would be cool. Then maybe a couple buildings after that. But now i just don’t see much in it, i’ll still download i guess?

thats exactly what i need… some feedback.
i know that flatgrass has been overdone…ALOT but i dont have a very good laptop and i wanted something to build on so that is why it is fullbright and has no special lighting. i will be exploring hammer more and more and i consider this nothing more than a personal release.

Then why release it to the public where you know it will be looked down upon?

fullbright, add some lightning,

dang lighting takes forever to compile, it might be done today…

Its a fullbright box with shitty texturing, less than 15 brushes, and dx7 water.
Add more detail, add lighting, use better texturing, make it less blocky.

Also, we dont need anymore flatgrass or construct remakes.
Try making something useful

Looks almost like half-life 1

thank you for some advice and i agree about the flatgrass/construct remakes

and how many brushes should one level have?
lighting is finished and im going to replace the textures right now.
what kind of detail would you like laptopman? mountains?
and im going to round the brushes right now.

edit:just finished the compile with lighting. what do you guys like better
A. a sunsetting look kinda dim with long shadows(i kinda like this look)
B. a high noon kinda lighting scheme bright and vertical shadows?

Look at other maps in the releases section.
See what kind of criticism they get. Then go make a few more maps but don’t release any. Then come back when you have a great idea with good functionality.

sounds good. thanks

:effort: x9000


sorry but it looks horrendous


Why do almost all new mappers use cheap water textures? >.<

Anyway, this is nowhere near release quality.

The whole point is obviously to have a very low quality map capable of running all of your life support stuff. I for one do not like building my ships on the SpaceBuild maps. Although I do not space build anymore, so no download from me. But I do like the idea none-the-less.

thats exactly the reason i built this map.

I think the reason you built the map is more about you lacking in hammer knowledge than any specific reason. Maps like this bring the mapping section down, simple as.

People will not download your map if it is designed for people who try and run gmod on less than minimum specs. It has no looks or features. The shelter thing is blocky and appears to consist of a single texture. Ultimately it is ugly, and has no functionality, so why would someone download this over just using a flatgrass map.

becuase he can.
i relesed 2 crapy adv dupe spaceships for no reason at all, then improved them to 9 ships, and i’m about to put weapon systems on em, so maps and adv dupes and all go from crapy to awsome in time.


exaxctly, i like to build big, and that crashes my pc on most maps, so this one should run my all out nuke shelter super base billion npc’s in and around war-feild and have minimum lag.