Spacemarine air calvalry on operations on a hostile jungle death world thing



FYI the green at the bottom is trees - that’s just how massive that spider thing is.

That is so freaking awsome.
What the hell are those flying things :ohdear:

The lightning and smoke is awesome

Angry, gunship-destroying, flying trilobytes bent on the destruction of the human race as we [don’t] know it… or something like that.

This is kick-ass yet so beautiful at the same time, nice work.

Reminds me of the beginning of HL:OpFor :stuck_out_tongue:

Freaking awesome angle and shading there, DoF and posing are quite nice too.
Dunno why but i feel like the smoke coming out of the shooting gunship is a little too thick.

where’s everyone getting the akrid models :confused:

Holy crap dude! This was totally awesome! :smiley:
Though, I miss some motionblur on the ships in the back :stuck_out_tongue:
And the use of akrid :smiley:

that is way cool

everything’s right about the picture

it just fits

That’s mind-blowing

Really good model use.

Wow. Thanks for the comments guys, thanks a lot.

Holeh shit. Thanks, Uber.

Double shit. Wystan… not shit posting me? Something is wrong today… :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks, mate. I didn’t motion-blur the ships in the background because I figured they are far enough away from the camera to be in focus (apart from the depth-of-field).

Again, thanks for all the comments so far!

really cool picture, good job

Thats a really sexy pic. Great work (and thanks for putting that link up with the ragdolls!) :smiley:

I saw avatar yesterday, this looks very similar! Nice!

Really nice job Chesty, the lighting, smoke, muzzleflashes, and posing all look excellent. My only issue is that the tops of the trees that the spider thing is poking out of, seem rather flat. Though I understand that adding good looking shading to them would be a bitch, it’s just one of those little nitpicks that you can’t really help.

Still, great job man.

Oh my god

It’s beautiful

Another amazing picture.

Reminds me of that air battle in Avatar, just saw it last night and by far the best movie i have ever seen. Is that were you got the idea Chesty?