Spacemarine making his last stand

I am aware this model looks like shit, but if you view the original image I’m sure you can appreciate the work that went into making it look slightly better.

Please view the original:

C&C please and thanks,

PS. And before any Warhammer buffs out there comment on the fact he isn’t wearing his backpack: don’t comment on the fact he isn’t wearing his backpack.

I’ll comment on what I want, you male of African American descent.
But yeah, its a pretty good image, especially when you know how hard the model is to pose.

I am a genuine white boy.

Nice texturing, especially on the gun. Makes it look a helluva lot better.
You probably could have covered up even more flaws in the models by adding some motion blur on the gun for recoil, at first I thought that it was blurred, but then I realized it was just the terrible texture :3:

Lmao. Yeah motion blur probably would have helped. Thanks for your comment, Vman.

Has no one noticed mah awesome bullet holes and other little details!?

noticed the holes but not much else

You ain’t lookin’ hard enough.

Not mah jerb :smile:

Nice job covering up the shittiness.

when are those dawn of war 2 models being realsed?

Soon I hope.

Damn orks.

You did make it look less shitty.

Woh! Nice job doing the texture :smiley:
First I thought that the fire was edited, but then I saw the original, nice :slight_smile:

Just one consern… Isn’t he fireing from the grenade barrel?
I mean, I see a “barrel” above the muzzle…

I think that’s just some random block on the front of the gun. If you look closely, it’s not actually a barrel.

Are you spending all of your life on Gmod, or what.

You posted like 20k pictures in 2 weeks.

great job.

especially given how the original model, well, you know

Good job, I agree though the models are very outdated. We need someone to port Dawn of War 2 models such as a carnifex.

I hate that model package… especially the Necron in it.

But that is pretty badass!

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