Spacemarine porting spree.

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Spacemarine ports

Includes: Female IG, Male IG, Renegade imperial guards, an ultramarine, a sister of battle, a lasgun and bolter and their respective clips

requirements: Bloo’s enhanced citizens v2


1:1 Good arm
1:2 Bare arm
2:1 Head
2:2 No head

Male IG - standard - Full enclosed helmet body skips the helmet bodygroup
1:1 no helmet
1:2 helmet
2:1 standard trooper pauldrons
2:2 officer pauldrons
3:1 standard trooper greaves
3:2 officer greaves
4:1 no kneepads
4:2 officer kneepads
5:1 no gear pouches
5:2 gear pouches

Female IG - standard - Full enclosed helmet body skips the helmet bodygroup
1:1 no helmet
1:2 Helmeted
2:1 trooper pauldrons
2:2 officer pauldrons
3:1 no kneepads
3:2 kneepads

Sister of battle
1:1 backpack
1:2 no backpack
2:1 left pauldron
2:2 no lpauldron
3:1 rpauldron
3:2 no rpauldron
4:1 head
4:2 no head

1:1 includes power cell
1:2 no powercell

1:1 includes magazine
1:2 no mag

Extra credit information: Bloo for enhanced citizens, Vasili for testing help as well as release poses, LT_C for texture help

Update 1

Darkangel, worldeater, gretchin, servo skull, some swords and fixes for the original pack (stuff from this one overwrite stuff from the last one)

Pose credit once more to vasili.

Update 2

Space marine update 2
Please remember to unpack each update one after the other.
First the main file

Then update 1


Dark angels third company reskin by JPsRcE
A bunch of weapons including chaos bolters, ig grenade launchers, combat knives and similar.

Pose credit - as always vasili

Nirrty’s release


Female soldiers. You deserve a high five just for that.

It’s actually a shame that they only had the LT body. I’d have loved to make a normal goon (no hand guards, standard greaves) as well. But as it is I can’t without doing some massive hacking around. So at least worked on the knee pads and pauldrons.

This is one of the finest things I have ever endorsed.
Thank you :downs:

Speesh Mareens, Did i say it right?

Thank you for this Wraith.

For the Emperor

Excellent… excellent indeed.

Also, you can get the valkyrie here.

Amazing ports. I will have great use for these!

These are some amazingly sexy models wraith, only critique I can think of is, one of the males head’s appear to be missing smoothing.

Did a little test pose

spess mehreihns

spess mehrens

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Is it just me, or is the bolter mag on backwards?

Forgive me if what I am asking is dumb, but is there a guide or something that will teach me how to re-rig these to use the valve skeleton, and apply citizen animations? If not, I could always manually animate them.

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It is. I opened it in SFM, and it was backwards. That marine is going to have a hard time firing it.

I knew it.
For you tutorial thing, I would just say search youtube, and then the valve dev wiki.


Awesome work on these, work brilliantly with lighting and such, i’m not the best of posers but where’s what I whipped up :smiley:

Wraithcat what map/maps did you use for those pictures?

Awesome. :smiley:

if you look at the additional credits, you’d see the poses were done by vasili. That said, they’re scenebuilds on rnl maps.

Ahhh gotcha. Thanks man!

“The Emperor provides!”

Nice work on these, looking forward to pose with 'em!