Spacemarines holding their ground in the rain at a crashed transport

Not as exciting or as interesting as the previous thread, but oh well - I had fun editing it:


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fuck my ass this is awesome

Rain drops look to tiny for me, the rain splashes i could barely see them.

Everything else is okay though, i like the DoF on the magazine, though.

What really bothers me is what the soldier is doing in the background, he looks like he’s lying down or something.

I like your rain in this one Chesty looks natural. Awesome job as usual.


Rain IS tiny.

Don’t like the muzzle. Rain is too transparent.

Allinall, good picture.


Sometimes in conflict, soldiers get killed. It’s sad but inevitable.

I’m saying it could be more visible.

Damn, the detail on the suits is fucking amazing, its just… I mean… awesome.
The rain is wonky but the shading on the suits is awesome man.

Also, the smoke makes the muzzleflash look a little transparent but w/e.

I respectfully disagree. Rain splashes are small, and this rain is clearly quite thin. In real-life, you would never notice the rain splashes anyway.

If anything, if we’re talking about realism here people should be saying the rain is too thick. Seriously, look next time it’s raining. Sometimes you can’t even tell if it’s raining or not until you look for splashes in the puddles.

Sorry, at first it just looks like streams of translucent white to me at first.


Why is it that any thread Chesty makes is automatically a win?
Lol, good work. But where can I aquire that awesome weapon the marine is reloading. Looks badass!



Just perfectly awesome

It’s because I post a picture in them.

It’s DT’s BF2142 weapon pack - it’s a great pack. It should be in the releases section somewhere.

Thanks for all the comments guys!

they dont look like space marines at all

Found em! :smiley:
Thanks for your assistance.

Sorry next time I will travel 500 years into the future, as you must have done, so that I can make more accurate science-fiction characters.

You and your hourly picture posting.

Looks good, but I don’t really like the rain.