Spacemarines land on Desolation

Desolation being the frostbitten, icebox of a planet, where only the most foolhardy of Xenos scum hide from the wrath of the Emperor. Temperatures vary around a pleasant -80 to -30 degrees Fahrenheit throughout the year with chances of blizzards or exterminatus. By the divine will of the Emperor, the Chaplain has began a quest to cleanse this planet of all Xenos scum. Naturally he brought along a little help.

Questions? Comments? Concerns?

I like the drop-pod, but using the buildings is not a good idea as they are poorly scaled due to them having been ported from an rts, the same goes for the vehicles/mechs. However, the use of WH40k Space Marines and most of the posing is nice make this picture worth an arty. :stuck_out_tongue:

Only Problem with the current released WH 40k GMOD models, is that they are low res and some are pathetically scaled and rigged. Hence the name released, since there is probadly some better models, but they are either private models,still WIP, or lost in cyber space.

But good pose.

I’d have to agree. The marines were a bitch to pose and the terminators were almost half the size of the regular marines. If there was a more updated pack I’d have used that, but I make do with what I have.

Someone should port the fallout 3 version. They look better.

The fallout 3 version of what? Spacemarines?

There’s a Space Marine mod for FO3.

Is it any good?

Haven’t tried, but the models look pretty kickass. The textures are meh, but can be improved. It might just be the poor overall texture quality in the pics, though.

Damn, ninja’d.

Holy shit. I gotta get me some of that.

One guy is on it.

Are there Vehicle and Imperial Guard models in the mod as well?

I doubt that. It’s specifically a Space Marine mod, and there aren’t vehicles in FO3 anyway. Atleast I don’t know any.

The pack I have has some imperial models. It has a Basilisk, a Baneblade, and another poorly rigged guardsman model. The tanks look fine but it’s rather pointless without suitable people to go with them.

Thats fucking sweet. <3 40k .

Well, some time last year, Lt_C posted a pose of a good-looking commissar model
Here it is:

Quote by Lt_C from the Thread:

But since then, Him nor Nexus has said not anything else about the project.

I took a look at the thread and I must have that model. There is a severe lack of 40K content in Gmod.

Well that picture was from the 30th of September and the model has not been released yet. So there is a chance that (A. They are no longer working on it, (B. They are still working on it. (C.Something Tragic happened and the model was lost.

I have the model, but it’s not really mine to release, as much as I’d like to. You get the OK from Nexus_Elite, and I’ll put it up for download. It was (is) the hardest texture I’ve done for sheer complexity, and I’d love to get it out to the community.