Spacemarines under attack from a giant spider in a jungle clearing

I think I may have rediscovered my love of gm_flatgrass_2008:


Previous Spacemarines thread:

Dude dont post screenshots from Crysis 2

Aw not enough people are noticing me because of this good pic I must make a reality screenie



brb making reality pic

The blurring on the Robot looks kinda confusing for some reason, but fuck man, epic shading and lights on everything, the posing is superb and the angle+DoF is incredible.

Is that spider spewing laser beams?

edit: Hostile lot. :stuck_out_tongue: you need to make the mech more notable.

Holy fucking balls, Chesty.

Really nice editing and scenebuild.

If I had to bet between the marines and the giant spider, my money’s on the giant spider. :v:

I JUST realized that the heads were edited on. Holy balls


BAAWWW I WNAT MY SCREENSHITS TO HAVE THIS MANY VIEWS( I think i’ve ridden that joke long enough)

But seriously, this is the definition of awesome.
And where might i find those models? :v:

where are the space marines


i just see soldiers

They’re marines. On another planet. Fighting aliens. What’s your definition of a space marine?

Don’t give me that WH40K bullshit

Marines that have travelled through space to get to another planet = Spacemarines.

The heads are from Halo 3 Spartans and the bodies are MW2 guys (both are in the releases section).
The spider is in a Lost Planet pack called “” on

Thanks for the comments so far everyone!

To be honest I was expecting more chesty

That’s rather vague. This is probably the biggest screenshot I’ve ever done… I’m not sure what else you could want in terms of scale.

I wasnt talking so much about the scale. What I meant was your fancy smancy editing skills

Kewl. How do you create all that forest in the background?

Mostly Crysis trees, but also some stuff from a foliage pack on The stuff directly behind the spider is mostly knocked down tree props from Ep2 plus some Crysis trees on their sides (as the spider has made quite a mess). After about fifty metres or so of real trees, I used some of the cliff effects from Ep2 to fill it out a bit.

I usually don’t comment on screenshots…that’s how much I liked it.