Spacemen finds robot - IN SPACE

“Artistic version” (All in-game)

So yeah, haven’t posed something in a fuckload of time. I know it’s not the best fancy schmancy image ever, something I whipped up with about 10 minutes of posing and an hours editing (Don’t hate me, trying new techniques can be slow ;<) C&C.

I’m liking the in-game wallpaper style version.

The actual edited picture seems too dark for me, but I like the atmosphere of it (despite the lack of it in the picture’s setting… hurr).

What spacemen?

Space pictures are hard you know. Cuz space is dark you know ;<

Interesting picture, sure gets out of the usual shooting and all pot. Kudos for both this and the good posing and editing!

Space isn’t as dark as you guys might think. Light is (presumably) everywhere.

This doesn’t mean it’s bright though. The universe expands, so does the light. By the time light has traveled billions of light years, it has been weakened a lot.

That’s awesome, no doubt about it.

Very blue.

Yeah, everyone knows space is blue :downs:

Seriously though, it’s the only color I found remotely fitting this picture.

You didn’t have to use any colors at all. Could have desaturated it a little.

Needs more laser beams.

No offense 10569 but a few of those are opinion / your error.

That isn’t a paintball helmet or a gasmask.

The image and posing look nice, it’s just a tad bit too dark.

This picture is making me laugh for some reason. Nice job.

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I love this clip…

your opinion is that they’re just my opinion. most of what anyone posts is just an opinion. what difference does it make?

then what is it? a space helmet? regardless of whether or not it is, it’s not sealed to their actual suit (which isn’t vacuum proof either), so it makes no difference. the vacuum in space would utterly obliterate both of them. doesn’t matter if it’s some shitty halo helmet; it doesn’t work.

it’s my opinion that stars come in colors other than blue? it’s my opinion that a singular layer of cloth won’t protect you from the harshness of outer space? you’re full of shit, and you aren’t kidding anyone.

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it’s not opinion if it’s true.

I still like this picture.

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