SpaceShip? ( A First Map )

This a map I recently started on. I’d say it’s the first one I’ve ever actually tried to make. I’m still learning lighting and how to make it look more realistic insted of bland, but I’m happy so far with prop placement and the architecture I’ve worked on. It’s still WIP with a lot more work to be done and I’ve got more rooms I’m working on. Keep in mind, This isn’t just it.

I’m going to replace the ugly walls in the 2nd picture, They’re a place holder for some brushwork that’s still giving me a pain.

I’d love C&C and maybe even ideas?

Besides the kinda bland lighting it actually look really good good job

That’s really good for a first map.

Some ideas would be placing pipes alongside the walls along with power boxes and anything electrical that seems needed on a spaceship.

I’m working on a piping system underneath the floor. I just don’t want to over do the electrical side of things. I’m trying to go for a different look than most of the space type maps have gone for. I really want to add in some cool VGUI screens like the ones in Doom and Dead Space

New(er) Pictures of the map.
I was also wondering… Could anyone help me out with a texture?

I want to make this.
Look like the wall in this picture, I just need the texture.