SpaceShip Compilation, SBEP and whatever, post your ships!

:smile: For those who did not get it by reading the title, since I haven’t seen any Spaceship collection thread in a while, this is supposed to be a thread where you post screenshots/videos of Spaceships you built in Gmod, you can aswell demonstrate their functionality, it’s your call :slight_smile:

So the idea is to post spaceship screenshots,

Not sure if Hover cars count too.

This is a good idea!

Indeed it is a good idea, that’s why I came up with it in the first place :slight_smile:

I can’t tell if this is a contraption thread or another “Want to post your picture but don’t want to make a thread” thread but with spaceships.

I think and hope its the latter considering everything posted in the want to post thread is some kind of soldier,theres not enough spaceship screenshots made.

Okay guys, what I wanted to achieve here, is to make people post Gmod - made spaceships, usage of SBEP and “whatever[(else) of course related to gmod]” is approved, I’ve been scouring the Sceenshots & Movies section and PostYourSpaceship threads are nowhere to be seen, that’s the main idea behind this thread… :downs:

How about you put that in the OP so people will more easily get the idea? just putting a Smile emote on the OP isnt going to help.

I thought people are smart enough to read my message from the title :slight_smile:

But yeah, I put it in the OP, hopefully it will be more clear to the people :slight_smile:

Where did you get that reaper model?

It is in the Me3 vehicle pack that was released,


Download-lasers not included:smile: