Spaceship Entrance Test

Using Greenscreen and Catmull-Rom Cinematic Cameras, I kept the ship still and the camera moving to make this. I messed up the shadows but I’ll fix that later. Tell me what you think!

Awesome, just one thing, the ship randomly slides upward for a moment then goes back down. Otherwise, perfect

That was so fucking awesome! Rated artistic.


Very Mass Effect like.

At what time do you see that part?

I also saw it at 0:06

My fault it is just the jult of the camera

Awesome. Reminds me of a Homeworld cutscene.

Fucking rad.

Holy shit, is this even garry’s mod??? Amazing!!!

Wow, very nice.

Looks like someone has just revolutionised sci-fi machinima in gmod!

Looks amazingly well. Artistic’d

Make way for the new Mass Effect machinima in GMod!

THAT was rly cool

Seriously, I watched this 14 times. So simple, yet so AWESOME

I missed it the first time, but mostly because I thought I was supposed to be focusing on that rock that starts to come into view in the top right.

But that was really nice though anyway.

Fucking hell that is cool. akes me want to build a spaceship in gmod, too bad I’m a terrible builder. Love how this reminds me of mass effect also.

Reminds me of Mass Effect.

What map is that anyway? Or is that just a clip?

He said greenscreen, so the background is obviously not a map.

Well not “Obviously”

actually… its the spaceship that was greenscreen, thats a gmod map, it looks like he applied some filters, greenscreened it in with two clips, a clip of a greenscreen ship with a catmull camera action, same for space, he then mixed both of these VIA chrone.
still great none the less. if you did it a different way do tell.