Spaceship (No SBMP)

about 210 props

tell me what you think =)

pretty cool

Fucking amazing, nice work. I wouldn’t have the patience to do this at all

Thanks =)

That is remarkably arousing, brilliant work.

itz,itz much more than a pure crystalizm of plasma awesomeness when melted into a planet-buster laser


i dont know what i said here

I like its bulkyness. Good job.


I wasn’t expecting an inside, good job.

And without a single peace of sbmp prop. Damn, you have too much creativity. I like this ship tho. Good job.
ps : Um, any way to get my hands on it ? I mean a dupe ? I’d like to trie it.

It’s actually somewhat easy if you know what you’re doing.

No, i don’t release my stuff. but thanks.

Oh, and one last thing for now…
Those plates, was that intended or did you not use tile :byodood:

I want to lose my virginity to that spaceship.

You mean the boarding bridge in the last pics? its the station from sb_gooniverse, built into the map, i just materialized the pieces.

The external materials are too flat, my only complaint. Looks like it came straight out of an injection mold.

Looks good. Spaceships that doesn’t use SBMP mostly ends up looking better than ones that does, This one is no exception. Good job.

The third to last

Yep, from what ive seen this is true.

Trust me, I tried all possibly suitable mats but all of them look very repetitive on the phx plates :c

Never mind, I see now. My bad.