Spacestation being overrun by zombie like monsters.

Forgot what these zombie were called. Anyways this is one the only screenshots I edited myself.

I was going to use the blood brushes,but unfortunately none of them load! I don’t know why but every brush I download does not load into photoshop. So I made the blood with the lasso too :smile:. C&C please.
Here’s the original

That’s pretty cool, muzzle flash is the only thing that looks odd.

Thanks,I’ll try to improve on that next time

I like it. The bullet wound is quite cool.

Any more comments? I need some more C&C

Well made bulletholes. Ease of on the muzzle flash next time. Nice pic overall. Trying to remember the names of these creatures:)

The wound would need a bit more blood. If it were darker and the Section 8 guy didn’t looks stiff(blaming the model, not you)it would be great.