spacevbuild 3 not working

hey guys,
since im in Australia, i have a very limited ammout of servers and the only guys who did spacebuild3 are gone now, so atm im trying to get my spacebuild3 to workon single player.

I am having a bit of trouble with the game modes. all my model packs and addonframwork LS3 RD3 etc and the stargate fix are working.
(all tested with sb_gooniverse or two worlds 2)
However with the game mode from the svn the cl_init.lua file does not load therefore not loading the whole game mode.

I have tried downloading it from, and using that game mode i can get zero gravity in space but looking thru the console it seems that it fails to create physics and atmoshperes for each planet.

out of curiosity i have used the cl_init.lua from the svn with the files i dled from and the result ingame is the console spamming me with “intall the spacebuild addon”

Could someone please help me with this problem!!