Spam balls?

Something for adminging. Balls, but, when 2 touch, a rope connects them, and that happens with as many as you add, but, for every one that you add, it adds 3 more, so its a never ending train of spam. Now, i would suggest having a command that you would bind to a key to DELETE these spam-balls (without sv_cheats have to be set to 1) , before they crash the server. It’d be fun to throw in peoples forts, ripping them apart from the inside.

TacoNinja… Please never understand Lua coding. You would be a huge minge. Even on your own server, if you ever get one.

Yea, I’m not much of a minge, I built a server-crasher once, and never actually wanted to use it on any server on my own, and I’m only a minge to my brother, because he’s a HUGE minge, and I can do a little lua, just not scripted entities.

Soda spewed out of my nose when I read that.

Anyways, yeah, I bumped this. Why?

This idea seems interesting. Not for spamming, but for war.

Imagine this, you have found a huge enemy base that is covered with bad guys and stuff, and inside the base is a guy you need to kill or something.

You could whip out a roundish grenade, and you throw it at the wall of the base. Before it hits the wall, it splits into three tinier ball things held together with ropes. When they hit the side of the base, the three stick to the wall for a second or two and start flailing wildy, along with the wall. And the wall will become sticky, like the three other balls, and start picking up other stuff.

After a few seconds the three balls and everything they stuck to disappear, with the combine ball death effect, where they go all black and stuff.

Then the base falls down and everyone inside dies. THE END. :v:

I knew SOMEONE would get the balls bit, and I was picturing a rollermine, but when 2 touched, they would just keep adding more and more, and this would be GREAT for tearing apart prop-made forts, since props move other props with ease.

But they would have to disappear after a while, so they don’t wreck EVERYTHING. Just a few things.

The balls sticking to the walls(:smug:) reminds me of Katamari.

Oh god, someone needs to make a Katamari entity now.

Yea, I was thinking about having a key that you would bind to a command like “RemoveSpamBalls”, and it would remove all of them, but the command would be admin only (if thats possible)

You lot have a weird imagination… Good luck in finding a sane coder…