Spam Blocker

Hi I cannot use the advanced duplicator tool because of the spam blocker on my server… How do I turn this off??

Is spam blocker an addon?

No I dont believe so. Unless it was included in the stranded game mode or ulx mod. Those are the only two things I have added.

What exactly does it say when adv dupe is blocked? I don’t know anything about this spam blocker.

“Dont Spam” appears in red letters on the screen

I think he is saying that when he try’s to spawn a dupe, it says dont spam since adv duplicator spawns all the props quickly

It could be ULX, try it in Sandbox, if it happens there it’s definitely ULX and you will have to configure it to disable the spam block

It could also be FPP preventing the duplication of items, I know it had a problem at one point.