Spam bot flood in the wiki

We recently have a huge amount of spam bots on the wiki, this needs to come to an end.

If you didn’t see it yet look here

Can someone who has administrative rights(garry?) please make an approval system for each new registration, maybe e-mail confirmation or something better than captcha.

Haha i didn’t notice that before. Odd that there is a b for bot edits that seems to be a bit under used.

Actually the wiki doesn’t know that these are bots, they make accounts and create spam pages.

Bot edits are for automated wiki bots which are apparently not used, they are mainly used to avoid blanking pages and mass edits.

Holy shit, that’s insane, please clean them up!

Use recaptcha. I did for my wiki, since it’s inactive.

Seems like an account of a very good editor got hacked(Cube334), he created spam sites too now.

Nice too see everybody who might has the power to do something about it is not giving a shit.

We’re already using recaptcha. What do you want me to do?

Tie making wiki accounts to steam like you did for


Using openid would solve all these problems, and we could reliable ban people who are doing shit.

That’s a VERY good idea, I’ll look into that next week.

I don’t think Steam’s OpenID system is a typical OpenID is it?

DotNetAuth works with Steam’s openid system.

Or better yet, just make all the gmod site logins require steam accounts lol. (and possibly a universal login for all the gmod sites)

On facepunch openid would be also usefull, isn’t it?

No, because facepunch would die out since everyone who gets banned can’t make an alt account anymore.

I wonder how big Facepunch is minus alts.

Around 100 Users with posts :wink:
The others all null-posters.

I’m hoping this is remedied soon. Spending half an hour cleaning up a week’s worth of spam wasn’t fun.

Son, you crazy.

I hate spam