Spammers + Hackers ON right now..

Enough said. I was watching the chat…
They are spamming like hell…

Desert Rat

This is a very useful and appreciated thread. Just like this comment.

Not like anythings going to happen to them for a while.

deal with it plebs

everything’s allowed

What a dumb attitude.

This is also the guy who tells the hackers to “keep up the work”.

“hacking” rofl

i guess cntrl + v constitutes as hacking now

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I think that the Devs hate this crap as much as we do. Not everything is allowed you just won’t face consequences for a while.

The spamming is pretty bad.

not bad enough

can i plz have a key

here is ur key


It’s funny to me that you were literally sitting there looking at your screen pressing Cntrl + V for like an hour. Get a life m8.

maybe youre right

maybe all this self entitled bull shit of me ruining the playing experience for others is actually causing pain in misery in the great players of Rust. Perhaps I should stop thinking so selfishly and irresponsibly, and look past what inner grudge I hold, and make the community a better place as a whole. Maybe then… things will be better

lol nah fuck it