Spare 32 Slot GMOD server

Hello all! I currently have a spare GMOD 32 slot server I am looking to put a script on. If anyone needs a server or a sponsor, please reply here and I will hook you up with all the details :slight_smile: !

I could use a server at some point during the development of my current RP gamemode… But not currently.


I mean, it’s not necessary currently. So if somebody else needs that server, I don’t mind not getting to use it.

I’m the same as above, need a server, but not for a while (still looking for a scripter)
If it’s still free by then, I’ll take it.

Just dont put DakRP, because no one will join

Or you can create another good ol’ sandbox server

I would need it for Ts2 server then I could use mine for radbox

I would probably also use it for radbox, and any future gamemode I may make. I’m a mapper and scripter (with a small group of friends) we currently have a server hosted on a spare computer at my friends house but we can’t live up to our full potential with it. PM me, or friend request me, I’ll be happy to work out a deal with you.

I’d put UnderDone on it.,and then mod the crap out of it.

I would need it HARD! my clan just lost all its servers and we have no more money … please help. if not for long, just … yeah anyway…

Put an innovative RP gamemode on it.


OR, Person A, meet person B
(Make an RP bootcamp server)