Sparkle time with Blueprints!!

Idea is to try making global(or even serverside) blueprint system like diablos inventory ( ), basically there’s limit what you can make(limit your human brains), so every blueprint has its weight and size(level of knowledge needed and time to master it) and you can trade the blueprints(passing your knowledge) with others. So for conclusion “dumb ppl” could know how to make more shitty stuff than “smart” ppl which can make only few HQ stuff(eeeeh i broke my toe nail crafting this bow whaaah, i poke my finger by sowing burlap trouses, but look at this kevlar i’ve made in my homemade factory). A rust dude character would become unique in its own way so groups would form more easy, one is responsible for crafting pants n armor plates other one for AK47. So you’d do a win, because you’d handycap those who whish safely aquire blueprints by a purchase they would be useles because they could’nt build a simple hut to protect them selves. every rust dude would become unique in their skills. And it would be easier to balance stuff by changing blueprints size and weight.

Another thing to consider to this system is IQ system. It would make things like “Dude gets kicked from his HQ stuff making group and now he needs to make burlaps again to protect in the wild so he starts again to aquire knowledge of sowing and hunting with a rock basically doing dumb stuff”. IQ Drops and he forgets(unless knowledge is passed for other high IQ rust dude) how to craft known c4(which require high IQ) but again he knows how to make a bow and arrows.

And another thing to consider to this system is that a man with knowledge of C4 can make blueprints for everyone but only high IQ can put it in its knowledge bag(diablo 2 inventory) and sacrificing some other knowledge, and simple low IQ person would able to learn this blueprints to memory when his IQ is enough advanced. So blueprints will get valuable, smart ppl will value them because they can know only limited amount of high level stuff and they need to keep their tech memory in blueprints low IQ dudes will keep them for later use and learn. You raise your IQ crafting using blueprints(unique blueprints would make faster progress), which for starter can be found in a airdrop(aquired not only from high IQ ppl).

Hopes devs and ppl get some sparkles in their heads regards blueprint system.

P.S i’ll fix my english latersz :smiley: