Spartan: An Interactive Story about a Spartan

Been a while since I’ve done one of these.

kill yourself, and be a ghost


First go into tools and turn of hints

Punch everybody and steal their money. Then, buy proper protection.

Take the gun and shoot everyone.

Deny everything

use low quality water to have more FPS.

Admit your comic is not worthy because there are no pigs in this comic.

Team up with a talking head crab and solve mysteries.

Kill yourself to end the comic.

Or go to the drawing board and think of a plot.

Seriously, these interactive comics are dumb and never get any where. For good reason too; they have nothing going for them. Don’t just throw models into a map and expect the audience to shit out a plot. Give us something to work with rather than “Okay guys, I’m bored give me shit to do.” Create a general plot. Give the character a mission or a purpose. Otherwise this is nothing than a feeble attempt at entertainment.

You should learn how to properly create speech bubbles, learn about camera angles and how they can affect the mood and effects you are looking to achieve.

And pick a better map.

Hairybastard, I’m simply using a program, if you want better ones, kindly direct me to a tutorial. And Camera angle wise, I’m not hoping for any real mood in those. It’s an introduction. and Wolfe, This is the beginning. I have another, better, comic comming out that isnt interactive and has a major plot. But please don’t judge this based on the first couple of things.
At any rate, in response to some comments:

(couldnt remove the white, sorry I did try)

So, pick one.
And just to clear the air, There will be no animal companions. I’m not trying to copy the story of Piggy Love <3 This will eventually get a bit more serious and stray far from any similarity.

You see, the problem is this is just about how every interactive comic before this has started.

The intro to an interactive comic should entice the viewer to continue on; which this, unfortunately, doesn’t.

Don’t pick a door and end comic.

Well you totally ignore any C&C so I’m out…

But why did the color of his suit change? lol.

I’ll be honest, I came in expecting this:

(Spartan Hoplites)

So I’m disappointed, because not only was I wrong about the subject, the comic is terrible.

>Randomly change colors again first.

I’m not ignoring C&C. Read what I said. Tell me how to change the speech bubbles to suit your tastes. Most of the C&C is stop making this.
And his color changed because I forgot to save. So for stories sake, its all the dust from the fight.

“stop making this” is constructive enough in this comic’s case.

>Open all of the doors but don’t go in any of them.
>Sit and think about what you’ve done.