Spartan: An Interactive Story about a Spartan

Realise this is failure, and that you should listen to everyone and shut this thing down.

Not really. It’s not telling me what is wrong with it. I can’t fix what is unknown. Tell me, and maybe next time it will be fixed.But saying “Fix _____” isn’t what i need, I need HOW to fix it. Telling me it says absolutely nothing and doesn’t help me what-so-ever.

Seriously, you should not have started this.

that welcoming was pretty dull.
like “Hi welcome to mobenix.” that was shit, and the posing sucked.

random characters. bad map. no plot.
make (or not) another one. with a more detailed interactive.

blow your brains all over the map, therefore you will be everywhere in Mobenix, saving us from the story

Well thanks for being honest. If I do ever attempt this again, I’ll try to make it more plot oriented and fix everything else.

“And his color changed because I forgot to save.”


god this is painfully bad. I dont think anybody wants to see this continued

I have, I’m giving up on it. You all can stop complaining. And Rarara, I was actually mad that I forgot to save.

how about you start over and change the intro.also,you could try to polish up your posing.take the time to pose.for instance,how long did it take for you to pose the spartan shooting everyone?

One, Camera angles, improve your detail, dont use like three ragdolls per shot, and dont magically changecolors, also dont flop them around, and spray blood detail underneath unless you’re going for that kinda
old-school comic, secondly, I dont think you should make the screen shots that big, try resizing them into a comic book format, or something, like this

But ot that small

You seriously want me to try this over? If I get three more people to say try again, I will.

well this might not happen…why not just make an actual comic itself instead of an interative one,and post it somewhere…like deviantart?or comicfurry.I would support it.

I do have a deviantart, I may post it there, then. My profile on it is under the username of H4CK3R116.

>Do a backflip

>Do a frontflip


also if you need any help with plot,im your man