Spartan Kick w/ slomo and timed kick

My shitty video.

Cameleot’s video


  • Slowmotion uppon impact on valid target.
  • The epic “THIS IS SPARTA!!!” sound, followed by an awesomely overpowered perfectly timed kick.
  • Secondary fire plays “…Madness…” sound.

So yeah, i though this was worth a release after all.
I might make another version where the slowmotion begins right before the kick, instead uppon impact =3

Hope you like it.

I remember seeing something of similar.

This has already been done

I got this ages ago, and this is exactly the same with some crappy slow mo.

Nop, the old one had a finger, and the slowmotion lasted ages.
I promise, this one is infinitely better.

Try before you deny!

Edit: Also, are anyone else having some weird stuff going on with
All i see is this:

D= updated and is a total big populair list… nothing will become very populair anymore since no one sees it…

press list by AGE

Well, i guess is fucked if it doesn’t change back to normal again. has been fucked since we have retards that post betas of mods

I’ve used it for file hosting and nothing more.

It’s not like I want to slog through all those saved games and backgrounds anyway.

I made a video:

Very nice =3

Why don’t you make it an video response to ?


Well i still liked it the way it was before, a ton better :confused:
Now it’s totally screwed up.

Done and done.

D’you just stick it in steamapps/youraccount/garrysmod/garrysmod/addons?

That doesn’t work (and coincidentally with another “wierd” weapon)
Should I just redownload, or should it be put someplace else?

(I’ve also tried in only garrysmod/garrysmod. so…)

Thanks for making this, I made the old one and it sucked hard. It was like… my first release ever.

I liked that one, only problem is that the sound keeps on for too long and the slowmotion is too long for my taste aswell, but otherwise it was fun =3

EDIT: Wait wait… your first release? Holy f-
I’m not even that good at lua, i mainly learn what all the functions do and i grab codes all over the place to make my sweps…

Though my first releases was quite liked, like the UTF pack and such.

You must be some kind of lua-wonderkid :stuck_out_tongue:

I wouldn’t say that… I’m just passionate about it. I enjoy doing it. I hardly release what I make though.

There are plenty of better coders on this site than me. :keke:

On topic… I tried this out, works really well. Good job. :slight_smile:

I’ll figure it out then.

I prefer the the sound that came out of the older Sparta weapon

Ya, in yer addons folder, i think it conflicts with smod kick though.
If it doesn’t work either way, i have no idea whats wrong D=

Whenever I use the kick, The leg is black and purple. :frowning: