Spartans Never Die

Solid scene and good posing, not to mention superb lighting. Although IMO you should’ve put the left Elite (and the dead Spartan) at the center of the scene. Also maybe tone down the blur slightly.

Thanks a lot! I’m still a little new to SFM so I’m trying to find that sweet spot when it comes to using blur, I might try and edit this scene a bit more later on when I can.

Some of the orange highlights in parts of the background are too eye grabbing imo, that metal sheet on the left is grabbing nearly as much attention as the subject. I’m also having a hard time perceiving the overall scene and posture of that creature, probably because the frame doesn’t capture the scene in its entirety and because the blacks on the subject merge too well with the blacks in the background. and the creature not being human with recognizable features doesn’t help as well.