spas-12 gmod model?

looking for a BODYGROUPED spas-12 model for gmod posing. doesn’t need to be a swep as well. needs these bodygroups-
stock folded
stock unfolded
no stock
full stock
pump forward
pump backward
so basically something like what’s going on here-
if you want to be an absolutely LOVELY person and just make it from scratch there are a few good jumping off points to save you some work, with most of the model already made, but not body grouped. here are a few links- (come to think of it most of larry’s uwp should be bodygrouped right off the bat)
if you don’t know what a spas-12 is, then A. you must be living on the moon because every game since 1990 has one of these in it, and B. here’s the wiki page
thanks guys!

Already have one in the works, just haven’t gotten around to compiling it since I’ve taken more of an interest in modding Skyrim. I’ll get it out eventually.

Use this.

The spas-12 in it has all the bodygroups you wanted and is still perfectly good quality-wise.

thank you katra for going through with the work, and thank you floater for digging up a link!