Spastik's Toybox

What the hell is this?
Well, Spastik’s Toybox is a weapon modification that focuses on emulating the classic weapons of yesteryear, meaning that Ironsights are restricted to only certain weapons, sprint animations are nonexistent. It features unique weapon designs created with Clavus’ SWEP Construction kit, all designed by myself and the rest of the team. Originally a small time mod on, it’s grown from being just myself making simple beginner SWEPs into a six-man team effort. While this isn’t anything near the scale of Spy or Heavy-D’s content, we still pour our hearts and souls into this mod to make it the best it can be.

What is this not?
This addon is not, in any way, shape, or form, affiliated with the old Toybox nor is this a set of Half Life 2 reskins. I don’t think I have to tell you guys that, but since I get these questions frequently on the addon page, it won’t hurt to just throw this out there.

•Over 50 weapons available
•Bimonthly updates
•Unique View and World models
•100% Multiplayer compatible
•Limited Ironsights, No Sprint Animations or Gamebanana models
•Overall classic feeling
•Themed Updates with weapons designed and coded based around specific themes
•Does not require CSS or the Half Life 2 episodes (for the most part, it won’t break if they aren’t mounted)


The Workshop Page
Click Here to go to the Workshop Page

The Group
Although my name happens to be in the title, I am not the sole developer of this mod. The group that develops this mod, S&G Munitions, is composed of:

Spastik - Modelling, Coding, Promotional Material
Goredan - Uploads, Icons, Modelling, Coding
BFG9000 - Coding, Revisions
Awcmon - Coding, Revisions
Zombie Extinguisher - Coding, Icons, Kill Icons
SAGA_ - Coding, Entity Coding, Revisions

Create a custom base
Add in Scope Overlays
Convert to C_models (The models break if I apply them to the c hands as is, so I have to build them all from scratch on c_models)
Apply the SCK renders onto Entities
More Penguins

Other Addons That Use SWEP Construction Kit

Sauce’s Tools of the Trade:’s+Tools
Silly’s SWEP Pack:
SteamyMustard’s SWEPs:
Seris’ Weapons:

These guys also work pretty hard on their weapons, definitely give these a try if you’re interested in this addon and want more.

This is beautiful in my eyes. Great video btw!
Also, if I may ask… what is that one CSS map in the one image 2nd from the top?

That is de_nightfever. It’s one of my favorite Source maps, it’s really well done. Also, thank you for the feedback!

Thank you, and no problem, haha.

nice weapon pack, the trailer is badass. Mind linking my workshop :v:?


did you really put all the swep construction kit code in each swep

Yeah, haven’t gotten around to creating a base yet. Dumb move on my part. At some point we’ll have just one instance of the SCK base instead of 50 along with our own weapon base.

this is actually really cool, I was expecting something completely different then what the trailer ended up showing.

That’s what I’m trying to do right now so I can get back into doing Too Many Guns and a different gamemode.

This is great, and definitely what I’m going to be emulating in my own work.

Thank you! It means a lot that you’re interested in our work, can’t wait to see what you’ll add on to Too Many Guns.

My favorite part about ST is that the file size is so ridiculously small that I never see it update. Always fun to check the weapons tab to see if there’s new guns.

That’s the best part about using model renders as opposed to actual models. Fun fact, the only custom content in our addon are the fist viewmodel used for the Unarmed weapons and the penguin model. Everything else is vanilla HL2 or Garry’s Mod content.