I really think the only thing that would make the bears even better would be if admins could spawn them in. Just think about it:

  • The Bearena: settle your differences the Rust way!
  • Treasure bases, but filled with bears!
  • Encourage severely overbuilt players to move along by filling their base with 1, 2, or even 3 million bears
  • Can finally get those damn chickens to shut the fuck up for three seconds
  • Instead of just kickbanning hackers (lame), fill their inventory with bears (awesome) and watch the fun!

What do you think? Any chance at us being able to spawn animals?

your talking major server lag lol

Would be a great idea for admins to spawn bears in cheaters bases! better than a ak or heli! on bear run! ill drink to that honey! hahaha

There’s a plugin for that.

I’ve always said that just kicking cheaters isn’t enough. How awesome would it be to put them in a silent sandbox, where the game mangles their actions? It mutes them so they can’t spam chat, randomizes their bullet trajectory so their aimbot can’t aim, and frequently kills them and assigns the kill to a random player. Basically a shadowban.

I realize this would be a massive technical hurdle and would only be amusing to server admins, but a man can dream!

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Oh? I don’t really care for modded servers, but maybe I’ll spin one up on the side …

you have the right ideas

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not my creation, but you may enjoy this thing someone made for kicking players from gmod servers:

I once spawned 50 helicopters above a confirmed hackers base, we were the only two on the server. He left, he was banned a few days later.