Spawn and respawn with a specified weapon/item?

I want to change the spawning inventory, instead of spawning or respawning with just the camera, toolgun and physgun (Since I use the “Spawn with no weapons” as well), I would also like it to spawn with the bugbait. How can I make that so without using much or any add-ons?

And if removing one is possible, how can I do it then? Never liked that camera.

EDIT: forgot to mention that this overrides the default loadout. You’ve just gotta find the weapon classes and give each one to the player. You can then select which one you want them to hold out.

Thank you, it worked fine, though I wonder, is there a way I can also make it so it spawns to specific players? Like “Player1” gets a physgun and a toolgun, while “Player2” gets a crowbar, a physgun and a toolgun.

EDIT: Also, how to I get it back to normal, so it doesn’t override?

You could check their SteamIDs. Maybe something like this:
function CustomLoadout( ply )
if ply:SteamID() == “blah” then
ply:Give( “weapon” )
ply:Give( "weapon )
return false
hook.Add( “PlayerLoadout”, “Customise Player Loadout”, CustomLoadout )
Or of course you can make a list and check through it.

Return false so that the hook is not overridden.