Spawn at 0, 0, 0

I’m doing a GameMode, and I have a problem I can not seem to solve!
My problem: I don’t spawn on the “info_player_start” (ex on gm_flatgrass: spawn at: 0 x, 0 y, 63 z)
I try by adding:
[LUA]function GM:PlayerSelectSpawn (pl)

 Local spawns ents.FindByClass = ("info_player_start")
 Local random_entry = math.random (# spawns)

 return spawns [random_entry]

But still the same problem …
If anyone has an idea

Thank you!

PS: Sorry for my bad english

[lua]function GM:PlayerSelectSpawn( objPl )
local tblSpawns = ents.FindByClass( “info_player_start” );
return table.Random( tblSpawns );

if that doesn’t work then you might not have any info_player_start entities

Dosn’t work…
i have create the “info_player_start” entities
ENT.Type = “point”
So, I have the same problem…
Si cela peut vous aidez, voici les DeriveGamemode: DeltaDeveloppement > Delta > Base
The GM:PlayerSelectSpawn and the entities is in “Delta”

Fix !
I have remove [lua]function GM:PlayerSelectSpawn( pl )

end[/lua] on "DeltaDeveloppement "

It’s development, not developpement.