Spawn icon/screenshot error! PLEASE HELP!

Ok ive just had it with this bloody error! when i load up a spawnlist and it has to generate spawn icons, the screen goes black! its really annoying! it sometimes happens when i take a screen shot, and sometimes doesn’t happen! WTF IS GOING ON!!!

Calm down, grasshopper.

I’m wondering if your machine’s just a piece of crap: post your specs?

Post your specs, and check if your video card drivers are up to date.

it happened after i got the latest video drivers, never before. i think thats the problem but dont want to get new ones, any other way to fix it?

can anybody help me? ive tried the spawn icon disable pre whatever, and even deleted my spawnlist folder!
(ive heard it fixes it) i am stumped. SOMEBODY PLEASE HELP ME! my specs are:
Cpu: AMD xp 3000+ 2.17 ghz
2 GB ram
video card: ATI Radeon Graphics Processor AGP (0x9596)
Sound card: Realtek AC’97 Audio

Yes, i know my cpi sucks heavy ASS.