Spawn icons and screenshots black screen

i am pissed, i open a spawn list and my moniter says no signal. or i take a screen shot and same thing! can anybody help me? ive tried the spawn icon disable pre whatever, and even deleted my spawnlist folder!
(ive heard it fixes it) i am stumped. SOMEBODY PLEASE HELP ME! my specs are:
Cpu: AMD xp 3000+ 2.17 ghz
2 GB ram
video card: ATI Radeon Graphics Processor AGP (0x9596)
Sound card: Realtek AC’97 Audio

Yes, i know my cpu sucks heavy ASS.

So does the graphics processor by the looks of it.

Instead of using the camera tool/screenshot command try this:

Open the console and type in:

cl_drawhud 0
r_drawviewmodel 0

Then just use print screen. I know it’s not a perfect fix but I honestly don’t think your PC is up to the job of taking a screenshot with the game.

my computer Can. it kicks ass, it plays gmod perfectly before, now its just stoping. my comp CAN take screen shots and load icons, its a game glitch. my comp dose not totaly suck. i can play l4d2 and crysis even!


It is and that will not help stop the spawn icon problem.

Alright, post your addons.

that would take an eternity, i have SB tho, and wire and phx

If you don’t post your addons we cant find out which one could be causing this problem.

That would be a pain in the butt to alt+tab the whole time (even if you’re in windowed mode it will get laggy and/or black/purple squares.)

Well then you have to take a screenshot, save the game, exit gmod, paste it in paint, save it, start up gmod again, load the save file, take a screenshot and so on…

i dont care about the screenshots! i want the icon fixed.

Well, we didn’t know you were PMSing we were trying to help.

The help you don’t deserve


If you aren’t willing to help these fine gentlemen get you a solution DON’T POST

They asked for your addons, and you denied their request. You have no right to say things like that.

adv dupe adv teleporter air strike air vehicles antlion thumper asuram satellite
avgn swep bail out black magic black apache bridge v2 bullettime buoyancy tool c4 canminigun cannon cannons cars cat_launcher stargate catmull rom cameras remover nade combine infantry combine pistol come apc combo fists connas tool pack counter strike some folder just called counter strike, css realistic weapons 4 Ctp dans snpcs a folder called day of defeat default sent pack something called derma dismemberment mod 1.9 district 9 vehicles Dr.pepper from vendables (wtf?) Dramatic gun drool hud drugz mod a folder called effects emp tool enemy rebels enginemod a folder labeld entities
Episode 2 turrets F117 Falconpunch fire magin flechette smg v2 flippys knife sweps fueled mod vehicle pack fun gun pack furby’z sweps garry’s bombs 3 gb-radial bcombat9 gcombat extended gib mod a folder called gmdm resourses HAAX swep half life mod (npcs, guns,…) Halo master chief npc halo weapons Hat maker harvester headspack hecu npcs a folder named HL2 ep2
holy handgrenade hover bike v2 Hl2 beta weapons pack ice magic incinerate swep info particle controller iron man swep jetpack KCGEORGES pistol rifle and sniper pack all of kermites packs killermelon Kmod css knife kunos cars lancer laser stool 2 left 4 dead models lego brick model life support lightsaber pack all of mad cows weapons v3 plus i kept the extras from v 1/2 medics flechette gun the melon magnum metropolice npcs microwave rifle military models 1 and 2 a minigun by moldo 2 MI soldiers moar combine v1 mounted turret tool mp3 player MW vehicles naval mines tool nes zapper swep NFSMW cars no collide world npc control v3 and v1 gordon freeman npc npccamera (working) nuke pack 4 oicw from hl2 beta paint remover PHX3 photon gun physbullets pimpmod police cars 1+2 a folder named portal the portal gun propcannons quantumstoragedevice resource distrubution 2 realistic minigun by son of brimstone “realistic sweps” remington 700 rmod Roadmod RP chainsaw (rocket propelled) RP npcs v2.6 rpgnade scars sheild tool shoop da whoop swep shuttle sk8r mega pack sleepnwakestool smod weapons sonic mod spacebuild model pack 4 spiermans swep stargate resources stargate expanded explosive entities npcspawner strider cannon v3 t72 pack tactical weapons pack all in one TF2 sweps a folder called team fortress tf2 buildings The sun entitie stacker adv t-rex npc turret vehicles switch weaponry v2 ultra armor us v1 ultraponch’s f72 pack usefull stools 1.3 waterizer tool weapon seats aurora cannon manhack deployer gmod flamethrower weapons stripper weight stool wheels pack wire wire model pack 1 wraith harvester and HEAVY BREATHING A folder called zeno clash (i dont own zeno clash)

Now you see why i didn’y post my addons?


im sorry i just dont like people posting dumb stuff that dosen’t help.

Wtf dose that mean? PMSing? you mean pming? well ok one time a long time ago when i was knew, but otherwise just ???

you have a lot of addons - do a new start for gmod - strongly adviced

Tried it, nothing.

Ok, whats this? its happening with my other games? i cant take a screenshot in any valve games (my computer CAN run them fine) and its crashing in spore and Nightmarehouse remake just when i load the level! i have a acer moniter, and my screen says “No signal”. any new suggestions?

Hmm, you know, i had ALL those games on the Lcd 12 something by something… maybe a lower resolution?

Ok, new question. Dose better Resolution make it so that the game runs with better graphics? cause i know that at 800 x 600 it looks like vomit, but, maybe resolution is just to fit the screen? my moniters standart res. is 1600 x 1050 the highest in most video games… should i have ALL my games on that res?
and if that is the case all you uber smart comp guys don’t laugh at me, i always thought that res. was the graphics ajuster. so, anyone know?


I am going to re install windows this weekend.