Spawn icons with draw.*

Sorry for asking a ton of questions, but here is another one. I’m making the hud for my gamemode right now. In the top-left of the screen i’m having a small box with some info about the player(kinda like in the most mmo’s actually).

I want to draw the spawnicon of the playermodel. I know this can be done with derma, inside a frame. Can i draw the spawnicon just like an image instead(like the draw.* functions)?

Hmm. I tried looking at the source code for the SpawnIcon and it links back to a mysterious ModelImage which I can’t find on the Luabin.

Anyway, you can just use a Spawnicon without having to parent it to a frame. No need to use draw.

Im sure with a bit of editing this could be what you are looking for

Try DModelPanel