Spawn icons

I made a bunch of models, and I’m not happy with the way ther spawn icons were generated.
They are zoomed in all the way or just partially visible.
Is it possible to create custom ones?

I found that they are located in garrysmod\garrysmod\spawnicons. The file extension is .si0, which I couldnt open in photoshop or VTFEdit.
Renaming the extension to .jpg, .bmp, .gif, .png etc diddnt work.

Does anyone know if you can make custom ones? And if so, how?

Try looking for some “spawnicon” related console commands in the Developer Console, type in something like “spawnicon” or use “find spawnicon”, otherwise, it’s very hard to make new icons manually. But an update will (I think) make the spawnicons use .PNG as well as transperency support, I will hope for bonemerging support like that “Load Weapon…” function in Half-Life Model Viewer including posing the models in the ways of your choices