Spawn in deaths?

This has happened to me a few times now… Three times today alone.

I find myself a nice place to log out and do something else for a little while, either waiting out the night or simply tired of hearing gunshots around me while Im sneaking about… Only to log back in X amount of time later to a ‘fresh spawn.’ Is anyone else having this bug? Its not that Im crying about my lost stuff… its just a pain to have to suicide for no reason just to get back to base… Its even happened while -inside- my base. Its like Ive died… but was not in combat.

Never noticed this bug. Playing on EU or US?

I’m not sure if I read that they were thinking about it or if they already implemented it, but I think your character stays logged in for a short period of time to combat ‘combat logging’.

Exactly.He combat-logged.
I’m sure you were being attacked by something or someone,and you are bleeding.

Your post sounds like you’re accusing him of doing it on purpose.

Sounds like.

Well I’m on both accusing and assuming

XD More than once I have logged out in a rad zone in a corner. Thinking a zombie chewed on me or a player nabbed me. The one in my base is the one that really ticked me off. As for combat logging, I dont. It ruins the game.

He said it even happend when he was in his house. How would he be combat logging if no one but him could be in his house?

If his house is being hit … Its a Combat Log. Since he ran even when in the home.

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What i hate is the countless hours spent building the base and then someone comes along and takes over it in less than 60 seconds cause i cant build any metal doors without having a furnace on EU. Along with the fact that we cannot cook cause the fire places are bugged. Nobody on the server can cook or smelt ore atm …

almost forgot … No workbench EITHER to try and defend anything…

Clearly everyone who has claimed that this is combat logging has failed to see what I had said in the OP… “but was not in combat.”