Spawn in system

Greetings all, so I had a thought about the whole spawn camping and what not, perhaps a system that spawns people on a boat, or some sort of entry system, where you’ve got two paths, the path of getting your starter gear but you get dropped off at a known location that could still be ‘spawn’ killed, and then the second path - which in the example of the boat, players could jump off the edge of the boat and swim to safety, away from the spawn campers, but then they would have to scrounge for supplies with even less of a chance of survival.

Just a thought, if it’s dumb, it’s dumb, comment, elaborate, or just take it all in, at the time of writing there’s over 1000 people browsing the rust thread here on, let’s get some ideas thrown around for whatever, not just reading locked threads of ‘how to get free rust keys.’

Hmmm… Maybe anti-spawnkill system, invincible for like five seconds. More spawning areas and all.

Just an example.

Well, I think my problem with invincibility spawn ins is that it deters from the feel of the game, it’s all about survival and risk versus reward, I agree with more spawn points, I hate to keep referring to my idea, but in the boat scenario, multiple docks - which could then set up a system of nations, then a join or die type mentality. The ideas are swimming. 5 harbors under the ‘control’ of 5 different types of governments (player ran). You’d have your join or die types, maybe one government for peace and prosperity, and all sorts of opportunities for a player run survival game of this nature. Exciting.