Spawn/Loadout menu

Basically what I want to do is to have a menu where after the player dies, he will go to.
From there he needs to choose a loadout, the only thing I need is how can I show the player, a second after he dies ~, the menu(its a full screen menu with a bar down that you can choose from).
He will have a button to spawn back inside.
Right now I have the default death, die and stay ragdolled on the ground until you press Enter/Space.

So you could use the PlayerDeath hook with a simple timer in it that sends the player a net message after one second to open the menu.
I think you have to override the PlayerDeathThink hook to prevent the player from spawning any other way (ie. pressing keys or clicking). I think the best method to check when the player is ready to spawn is have the player send a net message to the server to tell it, probably in the button.DoClick.
– Set the network strings
util.AddNetworkString( “PlayerReadyToRespawn” ) – Client to server message
util.AddNetworkString( “PlayerOpenLoadout” ) – Server to client message

net.Receive( “PlayerReadyToRespawn”, function( len, ply )

ply.ReadyToRespawn = true -- Set the variable on the player

end )

function GM:PlayerDeathThink( ply )

if ply.ReadyToRespawn then ply:Spawn() end  -- If the player is ready to respawn then respawn them

return false


function GM:PlayerDeath( ply )

ply.ReadyToRespawn = false -- Set/Reset the variable on the player 

timer.Simple( 1, function() -- Wait one second

	net.Start( "PlayerOpenLoadout" ) -- Send the player the message
	net.Send( ply )

end )


Thank you so much, though I have one more question.
I dont want to have the menu when the player is dead at the background. I want to set the “camera” facing another direction, such as the skies or maybe a view from above of the map.
Would like a link to the wiki or just an easy implementation of it in the code.

Use the CalcView hook.
[lua]hook.Add( “CalcView”, “DeathView”, function( ply, pos, ang, fov ) – This hook modifies the camera’s view/position

if not ply:Alive() then -- and menu:IsValid() to make sure this only appears with the loadout menu open
	-- also make sure the menu isn't local or localize it outside a function
	local view = {} -- CamData table (
	view.origin = ply:GetPos() +Vector( 0, 0, 1000 ) -- Set the camera to 1000 units above the player's position
	-- It's a bad idea to set a fixed position because of variations in map heights etc
	view.angles = Angle( 90, 0, 0 ) -- Set the player's view downward -90 will look upward
	view.fov = 120 -- Set the player's FOV wider, so they can see more

	return view

end )[/lua]

function DrawSpawnMenu( data )
usermessage.Hook( "SpawnMenuOpen" ,DrawSpawnMenu)

local function OriginCam()
    local CamData = {}
    CamData.angles = Angle(90,LocalPlayer():EyeAngles().yaw,0)
    CamData.origin = LocalPlayer():GetPos()+Vector(0,0,500)
    CamData.x = 0
    CamData.y = 0
    CamData.w = ScrW() 
    CamData.h = ScrH()
    render.RenderView( CamData )
hook.Add("HUDPaint", "OriginCam", OriginCam)

I have this code, but it shows the aerial view even when I’m not dead.
How can I fix it so only when I die it shows the aerial view?
and when I press a button for example it goes back to normal.

Right after OriginCam add:

[lua]// If the player isn’t valid, we can’t do anything so return
// OR the player is valid and the player is alive; then return as well
if ( !IsValid( LocalPlayer( ) ) || ( IsValid( LocalPlayer( ) ) && LocalPlayer( ):Alive( ) ) then return; end[/lua]

That’ll make it so that if the player is valid, and dead, it’ll do that view.