Spawn menu addon

could someone make an addon that lets me use the spawn menu in a gamemode?

o_O or maybe a lua script that i could add to a gamemode to make it allow the spawn menu.

In particular i am trying to add the spawn menu for either the original GPK gamemode or the newer Gmod Parkour.

Were trying to set up a little runners vs snipers game thing and the sandbox makes it really easy to do.

Thanks in advanced.

EDIT: you could also make some suggestions as to where to start if i were to make such an addon or code. I may not know lua now but im willing to learn if need be

Find the init.lua of the gamemode, somewhere in it you should find a line like this :

If you find it change it to this :

If not then just add the line.

o_O i looked in init.lua and no line

so i added it at the very top and nothing happened

any other ideas guys?

EDIT: i put it in cl_init.lua and it worked! thanks!