Spawn Menu Error

Whenever I press Q to open the spawn menu, I get this error:

ERROR: GAMEMODE:'OnSpawnMenuOpen' Failed: sandbox\gamemode\spawnmenu/spawnmenu.lua:66: attempt to call field 'SpawnMenuOpen' (a nil value)

It still opens and works fine, but it can just get really annoying at times.

clean out your dua folder in steamapps/username/Garrysmod/Garrysmod/Cache/Dua

So delete all 4,637 .dua files in it?


Well I tried the dua folder thing and it still happens.


Any other suggestions?

Comeon, anyone? And by the way, I discovered this while spawning a prop.

:1: attempt to call field 'SpawnedProp' (a nil value)



I have these same errors too, which didn’t start appearing until the last update. I wonder if that could’ve caused something to go wrong.

On the plus, I got the Bad Coder achievement. 500 errors and counting!

I just figured out the problem. I deleted the achievements mod, not the built in one. You should know what it is. But if you have it then delete it.

My achievement mod is inactivated through GMAN, but I still get the errors. Ever since I turned on sv_cheats in a session two days ago, I’ve been getting this.