Spawn Menu Issue (duplicates, kinda)

In my Q Menu, I’m seeing this…


[PHX] General Construction … (#)
General Construction … (Same #)
[PHX] Transportation … (#)
Transportation … (Higher #)


Not sure if I had updated Phx and it just added a new spawn menu listing or what, but I cant seem to consolidate it. Can anyone offer some help here? It seems the non “[PHX]” ones are the newer ones.

Delete your phx addon, phx now comes with gmod.


I deleted the PHX addon folder, went in game, and the spawn menus are still showing up. I had went into the console and typed “Spawnmenu_reload” and it still didnt get rid of the extra menus.

Sorry for the double post, but anyone have a solution for this issue?

Yes. You do not only need to delete the PHX addon folder, but go to ‘userapps folder/garrysmod/garrysmod/settings/spawnlist/’ and then delete all the .txt files which start with [PHX]
That should fix it!

WILL fix it, Garry done something stupid with addons and making addons spawnlist get copied over to the main folder.

I was thinking, if I were to delete all the text files in that doirectory, would gmod rebuild the spawnlist? If not, is there a way to get gmod to do that automatically?

It will rebuild it by putting addon’s spawn lists and default ones there automatically, so feel free to delete that folder everytime u upload / remove addons that you spawn props with.