Spawn menu locked to left side of screen

EDIT: Problem solved. It turned out to be Kermite’s SWEP packs that were doing it.

I have this REALLY annoying problem. I just got back into Gmod and I installed all the necessary addons for most servers. I loaded up a map (single player) and I was greeted with this:

Hitting “Q” does nothing. It is stuck there and in the way.
I have no idea which addon is probably doing this, but here is a list of all my addons:

If ANYONE can shed some insight as to what the issue is, I will be very thankful. This problem makes Gmod unplayable.

Just asking, Why does Gcombat extended have pi after it?

Just asking.Since when does disappear=lock? Thats if you don’t mean the toolsmenu.In that case…Since when does left=right?

Since I became temporarily retarded. Can’t believe I made that mistake, lol
But yes, I mean the right side of the screen.
I also go the tools menu mixed up with the spawn menu. Wow am I an idiot.

However, I still need a solution to the problem.