Spawn menu - Props not showing up after latest update

I have tested a few servers and it appears as if this is only happening on my server and a select few others. This leads me to believe one of our addons is causing it - but I can’t seem to pinpoint which one it is. Can someone take a look through this collection and see if there’s any spawnmenu-affecting addons that could be causing this?

Edit: Typing spawnmenu_reload works as a temporary fix.

Yes, me too, i have this problem on my server.

Any solution ?

And i have this error :

Remove fprops, whatever that is, and report the error to the addon author.

The problem is this addon in my collection :

The code :

“if not tobool( LocalPlayer():GetInfoNum( “fprops_autolist”, 1 ) ) then return end”

The problem is “GetInfoNum”