Spawn Options

This addon will allow you to create new spawnpoints and will also let you choose what weapons and ammo you and your players spawn with.

*Create spawnpoints for everyone to spawn at
*Save and delete your spawnpoints for the map
*Enable invulnerability for five seconds after spawning
*Set what weapons everyone starts with
*Set how much extra ammo everyone starts with
*Save and delete the chosen starting weapons and ammo

Some Useful info
To change the commands, you need to use the in-game menu found in Utilities/GameSettings.

Only the server owner can create spawnpoints, setup starting weapons, ect…

When you create a spawnpoint, It is created exactly where you are standing, and when
you spawn in it, you will face the exact same way you were pointing when you made it.

If you create a spawnpoint, It will stop you from using any of the original spawnpoints in the map,
Unless all the created spawnpoints are deleted or blocked.

If you save your settings, they will reload when the server starts/restarts or the map changes.
If you don’t save your settings, they will reset on a server restart or a map change.

Due to possible bugs, this addon is not recommended to be used with gamemodes other then sandbox.
Having this addon installed while running another gamemode shouldn’t cause any bugs, but the
commands might.

(if you find a bug, please post the error you got in the console, and post what you were doing at the time)


Neat! looks useful.

This is very useful.


Awesome, this is really helpful and useful. Thanks for making this.

I have to try is this compatible with DarkRP.

I’m not sure, I didn’t make it compatible with anything other than sandbox.

Well this is indeed very handy.

Have a wrench.

PowerPC, you are the king of Settings/Options mods.

Would this be a variant, or inspired by the ReArm tool? It seems quite similar to it. Nonetheless, its a brilliant tool.

I never heard of the ReArm tool, so no, this wasn’t inspired by it.

Will it mess with default spawnpoints ?
Because I had similar addons , and if you remove custom spawnpoints , you spawn in random place.

If you remove the custom spawnpoints, it shouldn’t make you spawn in a random place. It will stop you from spawning in the default spawnpoints if you create a custom spawnpoint, but it will reset if there are no custom spawnpoints left.

Simple and nice, is their concommands for adding spawns? I haven’t looked at this ingame.

No, but you can save the spawnpoints you made. If you have a dedicated server, you can copy the spawnpoints you saved in singleplayer over to it.

I don’t get it, I’ve saved these spawnpoints like 15 times but they keep disappearing. I add them, then click ‘Save Spawnpoints’. Restart map, and they magically disappeared.

Also, I get the weapons I selected, but I spawn at the map spawnpoints.



I’m not sure what’s wrong, an addon might be conflicting with this addon. I also havn’t played Gmod for a while, so I’m not sure if an update broke it or if it just isn’t working on your gmod.

Pretty great. I thank you for making this. suicides :suicide:

Very useful :3

you seriously should suicide after resurrecting a 2 year old thread