Spawn point

New to Garrys Mod i’ve been trying to create maps and missions and stuff but whenever i save the game and re load it i start back at the original spawn point. How do i start out at other points on the map from where i’ve saved the game? Cheers

Don’t use save games. They are bugged. You will spend weeks making your epic contraption and then one day it’s all broken. Use Advanced Duplicator instead. It’s much better and it doesn’t break.
Adv Duplicator is included in Wiremod. Wiremod can be downloaded using SVN. SVN Tutorial:

Anyway, to set your spawn point to somewhere else, use a Spawn Point SENT (or something similar). I’m sure there are a few on If not, I have a working one.
My Spawn Point SENT is very similar to one on, so all credit goes to whoever made that SENT. You can download my SENT using SVN (tutorial above).

Thanks, i downloaded this mobile spawnpoint addon and put it in my addons folder:

However i can’t find it in my tools menu, am i looking in the right place?

It’s in the Entities tab.