Spawn Points - Randomized

I have a SHITLOAD of spawn points in my mp map, and there all spread out for the purpose of being turned on and off when they’re needed. However, when they’re all on at once, I seem to always spawn in one of the spawns in the beginning location. If the beginning spawns are turned off and all the other ones on, I seem to spawn in one of the spawns in the second location.

Why is it not fully randomized?
Is there a way to make it more randomized?
Is it randomized but always chooses on of the 20 or so first HammerID spawn locations?
Or is it based on the name of the entities (the first 20 or so spawns alphabetically)

If anyone knows the answer, it would be extremely helpful. I’ve done a few tests, but it always comes out with the same result and still don’t know how to fix it to be more randomized.


EDIT: Might be helpful for me to point out that this is info_player_teamspawn for TF2, in case that made any difference whatsoever.

Have you parented all the spawn points in one room to a single other spawn point? Because that may be why it’s only going to one.

The engine chooses the first one in finds, presumably the one with the lowest entity ID number.

I haven’t parented any of the spawn points to the locations… there’s no advantage in doing that in this case.

So then when does it choose another spawn point? When the other is blocked?

But at the same time, it seems to be SOMEwhat randomized, as I do spawn in at least 3 different spawns…

Would remapping all the spawn points in an alternating order (location A, B, C, D, E, A, B, C, D, E… and so-on) work? Or would it still show the same problem? I’d be up to trying it, but there’s a good hundred spawns; it would take a shit load of time to do it.

one i way i know make a spawn room with teleports when he gets to the next part that teleporter activates
P.s. use triggers and Trigger_teleport