Spawn rank

Is there any way (maybe an addon?) to set some Weapons (or Entities) spawnable for Respected users, Temp. Admins, Super Admins (and higher) or just spawnable by the Owner? - Example: I don’t want guests to spawn a specific Gun, but Respected Users (and all higher Ranks) should be able to spawn it…

Another Example: I don’t want anybody but Super Admins (and all higher ranks - means, the Owner should be able to spawn it, too) to be able to spawn a Gun like… the Photon-Gun.

Is there any Addon for this? if not, could anybody please create a such Addon?

Thanks, Agent3004


i allready use ASSmod… but how to set something to be spawnable just by some ranks?


what does Fpp mean?

EDIT: found the function in ASS ^^