Spawn Settings

Is there a mod that lets me choose what people on my server spawn with?
I want them to start with nothing and run them through something but they always start with stuff. Any help??

I just want a mod that will take away the physgun and the tool gun as well as weapons (i have assmod so i can take away the weapons, i just want everything else gone too.)

What gamemode are you running?
Just give me your steam and I’ll set something up for you.

my steam name is guitarfreak10452. Thanks for the help

You can just make a copy of sandbox and take out the physgun, toolgun, and prop menu

If you don’t know how to do that I’m sure there are some tutorials here on facepunch or somewhere on youtube, maybe even the wiki :slight_smile:

so there would be 2 sandbox files??

Just rename it >.>

ok but how do i stop the 2 files from conflicting?


Why not just make a gamemode derived from sandbox if all your going to do is remove stuff, then just code out those features that you do not want.
Or, just get an admin mod that has that functionality. A great one I use that has this functionality stock is Evolve.
I highly recommend it, updates frequently, easy use, easy to make your own plugins and menu additions ;D