spawn stool?

Ok so i had an idea and my idea came to me when i wanted to be able to have weapons or npc’s spawn on a map when it loads but not have to place those spawn points in hammer. So my idea was that i want to make a map spawning system in lua. And it would work like this:

  1. Load the map u want to add spawn-able stuff to.
  2. Use gmod menu to place the models or npc’s and sweps (the swep models so they can be picked up by the player)
  3. Use this STOOL to record the location of the models or npc’s or sweps
  4. Save the data/information to a lua file or other type
  5. Use the saved lua file/code to load the said locations for the items in said map and when said map is loaded spawn the items
  6. The whole reason for this stool is so that u can make single player maps without using hammer instead use a noob friendly gmod version coded in lua.

I am not experienced in lua so if someone would post some code to give me a head start so i can see what it should look like then please do.


Mainly i want to be able to make sweps spawn-able without having to screw around in hammer.


Any one have any information :frowning:

go to weapons menu, right click the weapon you want spawned, weld (or any constraint really) all the weapons on the map together and adv dupe it, and when you load the map just check the “spawn in original location” box in adv dupe and use it.