Spawn without items?!

I spawn without Items!
I only spawn with a Gravity Tool (The blue one, whatever its called), a Camara, and the STool item.
I was playing on LAN with my brother, and he shot me, and I died. When I respawned, I had this issue. I have reset GMod, and my server, and everything. I tried different maps, console commands, but nothing works. Please help me! D=


Conflicting addon? It might have been something you installed.

It didn’t break when I started, only when my bro killed me, so I don’t think thats the issue. I had been playing normally for a long time since I even got an add-on, and that add-on was a Ragdoll set, which shouldn’t mess it up anyway, right…?

when you go into a game try sv_cheats 1 then impulse 101 it gives you all the weapons

Oh, I was messing around with the sv_cheats! I have a feeling thats why its broken! Thanks, I’ll try it out.

Look under settings in the q menu. Check ‘allow weapons’.

any luck?

It works, but I have to di it every time I spawn D=
I don’t mind, but I can’t quickly kill someone on spawn or anything.
Is there a way so I DON’T have to do it everytime I spawn?

Ok, I’ll try it.


AH! Its fixed! :slight_smile: Thanks both abaster and gregg465.

if nit to save some tim bind akey impulse 101 then press the key when you spawn


wow i failed at typing coz im on my ipid basically say bind akey eg h impulse 101 then press that key


np :slight_smile:

change the server setting to spawn with weapons??